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Unified API

Websocket API

The Websocket service for L3 Atom is designed for use cases that require low latency, real time data. As market and on-chain events are processed through our data pipeline, they are emitted over the Websockets protocol via a single endpoint. Horizontally scaled broadcasters subscribe to all Kafka topics which contain normalized data and stream incoming data to users via AWS API Gateway, providing a scalable and fault tolerant system to accommodate intense requirements.


PowerQuery is a business intelligence software built on Apache Superset that allows users of L3 Atom to query our historical data via an interface that facilitates advanced analytics via SQL. It also encourages the creation of beautiful charts and dashboards, with templates and styles provided by the open source community. Users can also create visualizations with little to no SQL by simply choosing a dataset and hand-picking the fields and styles they want on their chart.


The GraphQL service is an experimental offering that allows users to query our historical data in a more streamlined manner than PowerQuery. By leveraging Hasura, an open source project that provides an adapter from PostgreSQL to GraphQL, we can allow our users to query our database with the simplicity and elegance of GraphQL.